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The White Collar Crime Centre

Bright Line Law can receive instructions directly from members of the public and is authorised by the Bar Standards Board to conduct litigation on behalf of clients.

This work includes case preparation, filing documents and representing a client in court or at a tribunal hearing. This means that Bright Line Law can –

  • Provide a client with tailored legal advice on highly confidential matters, points of law, case strength and the merits of legal proceedings
  • Prepare and send correspondence on behalf of a client
  • Draft witness statements and other court documents such as skeleton arguments
  • Represent a client in legal proceedings.


Obtaining legal advice and legal representation can be expensive and Bright Line Law works with clients to deliver a costs-sensitive solution.

Although fees are calculated on an hourly basis, Bright Line Law often accepts instructions on a “fixed fee” or “capped fee” basis. This means a client knows the bottom line from the outset.


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