Guidance for Contributors

Practitioners are invited to submit commentaries for publication on BLL Portal.

The salient features of a commentary are:
  • the commentary must relate to a significant development in law or practice which has taken place within the last six weeks;
  • the subject-matter of the commentary must relate to a case decided in the courts, or a change in legislation, procedure, regulation, practice guidance, or proposals for any such change;
  • the length of the commentary should be between 750 and 1,000 words;
  • please do not use footnotes, where a reference is essential, please use an endnote;
  • the commentary must explore the practical effects of the development in a broad context;
  • in the case of a court decision, thoughts could include comments on:
      • an unexpected extension of an existing principle
      • the development of a line of authority
      • comparisons with previous judgments handed down by the same judge or court
      • comparisons with the legal position in overseas jurisdictions
      • potential unintended consequences of the decision;
      • whether a previous case might have been decided differently following this result;
      • whether the decision is likely to be upheld or overturned on appeal;
      • whether an appeal has been lodged
      • whether permission to appeal has been refused or granted
      • in the case of a change in legislation, procedure, regulation, practice guidance, or proposals for any such change, thoughts could include comments on –
        • the likely impact of the change
        • whether the change reflects, or departs from, an underlying trend
        • whether the change is consistent with the position in overseas jurisdictions
        • whether there are any hidden consequences, and whether any ameliorating action should be taken.
The commentary will be accompanied by a short (no more than 50 words) biography of the author, along with the logo of his/her company or firm. Please supply these when submitting your commentary.

If you would like to submit a guest contribution or apply to become a regular contributor, please email:

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