Voluntary Disclosures

HMRC offers a voluntary disclosure option to rectify a situation where a business or individual has underpaid tax unintentionally or deliberately. This will be viewed more favourably by the HMRC than a situation where they discover the irregularities themselves. The HMRC will regularly identify groups to target and provide opportunities to compel them to come forward and put their tax affairs in order. This includes groups with undeclared offshore assets as well as targeting specific lines of work. The implications of a voluntary disclosure require careful consideration, particularly ahead of the introduction of a new offence of corporate failure to prevent tax evasion which is in part based on the commission – and not necessarily conviction - of tax offences by individuals.  We provide expert guidance on tax issues, avoidance rules and regulatory requirements for individuals and businesses for those facing allegations, and those seeking guidance on best practice.

Bright Line Law is a barrister law firm led by Jonathan Fisher QC who has previously been involved in advising on the use of, and regulatory investigation of film industry and offshore tax schemes. We have also been instructed to represent clients in criminal and civil litigation initiated by HMRC. Bright Line Law provides specialist advisory, advocacy, litigation, policy and strategic services. If you require specialist advice on tax, contact Jonathan Fisher QC directly at jf@brightlinelaw.co.uk or another member of our team or telephone us on + 44 (0)203 709 9470.

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