Misleading the Markets

Misleading the market involves any  deliberate interference with the operation of the market to create artificial, false appearances to mislead others into making an investment. The Financial Conduct Authority enforces the law in financial services industry and can impose sanctions on those found to be illegally misleading the market.  The Financial Conduct Authority can issue penalties such as making a public statement, a fine; or prosecution which could result in a fine, a prison sentence, or both.

Bright Line Law’s financial crime team are widely regarded for their experience of dealing with regulators. We are often instructed by both corporate and individual clients to manage their dealings with regulators, principally to review and scrutinise their activities and to subject the regulators demands for information or charges for criminal behaviour to a forensic and exacting defence. We make it a priority to keep matters out of the courtroom as much as possible, but are fully prepared to pursue litigation in court if the matter demands such a response.  If you are facing allegations, it is important you speak with an expert at the soonest opportunity. At Bright Line Law, our team can advise upon all stages of a regulatory investigation and can liaise with the financial regulators on your behalf.

Bright Line Law is highly regarded as a specialist provider, winning the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers of 2017 award, as well as being Top Ranked within the UK Bar Chambers for 2018 and 2019. Bright Line Law is a specialist provider in this area, contact a member of our team, call us on + 44 (0)203 709 9470, or fill in our online enquiry form.

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