Market Abuse

Abuse or manipulation of the markets is regarded as serious financial crime, and directors and individuals found guilty of such conduct may face serious consequences. Penalties include a statement being issued declaring the misconduct, severe fines and imprisonment. It is crucial to seek advice at the soonest opportunity if your business is under investigation for market abuse allegations, from experts who are well-versed with the rules and procedure involved.

The Financial Conduct Authority is the regulator responsible for enforcing the law in respect of financial services.  The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 sets out the laws surrounding market abuse and describes market abuse as any behaviour attempting to circumvent accepted practices or behaviour that creates a false or misleading impression in relation to trading or working in the financial markets. However, sanctions may not be imposed on an individual if it can be found that they had reasonable grounds to believe that their behaviour did not, in any way, amount to market abuse; or that they took the necessary steps to avoid being involved with market abuse.

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