International Mutual Assistance

International Mutual Legal Assistance is the international cooperation between states for the purpose of gathering and exchanging information in the investigation or prosecution of criminal offences. Mutual Legal Assistance allows authorities to obtain material that cannot be obtained through police cooperation. Mutual Legal Assistance works by way of a formal  of international Letter of Request (LOR) which is usually sent by courts or prosecutors to request assistance. This is also known as 'judicial cooperation', or as ‘Commission Rogatoire’ in civil law jurisdictions.

It is becoming increasingly more common, however, for states to make legal assistance requests directly to the central authority within a state, and may made be on the basis of reciprocity, or made pursuant to international treaties obliging countries to share such information.  Where there are political or security factors, or where the offence in question is not equally punishable in both countries, a request may be refused.

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