If you or your company are suspected of having been involved in a fraud, it is understandable that you may be anxious to provide an effective response and to speak with someone that can help to mount a defence of your interests.

There are different kinds of frauds ranging from dishonesty in respect of a single transaction, to alleged fraudulent activity which has occurred over several years or which involves complex financial structures.

At Bright Line Law, we have extensive experience in defending clients accused of all kinds of fraud, and know how to effectively counter allegations made against them in both a civil and criminal context. The team at Bright Line Law are also well placed to advise companies on internal corporate investigations following the detection of allegedly fraudulent activity.

Understanding Fraud

From afar, the law on fraud seems exacting in what needs to be demonstrated : whether in the civil or criminal context there needs to be evidence that an accused was acting dishonestly; and that this was with a view to gaining something for themselves or causing someone else to suffer a loss. Identifying the evidence in support of fraud, however, is difficult in practice.

In the commercial world, the fact is that there is almost always a risk that someone, somewhere will suffer a loss – that is the nature of the business. However, it does not follow that someone (an individual or a business) who suffers loss can attribute this to someone else acting dishonestly. There needs to be a thorough examination of the facts of the situation, together with any and all paperwork that are related to it before there can be any real discussion on whether fraud has been committed. Unfortunately, however, the way that fraud law is designed means that many in the business world are highly vulnerable to allegations of fraud, many of whom may be lawfully performing their duties e.g. accountants, tax advisors, wealth management firms and even ordinary individuals.

Parties facing allegations of fraud need to take prompt action to counter them, protecting their reputation and their legal position. This is where the specialist fraud team at Bright Line Law can help.

Building a comprehensive defence to allegations of fraud

Suspected instances of fraud are dealt with harshly in the courts, and in a criminal case, the prosecution will utilise all of their resources to uncover evidence of illegality. It is important if you suspect an investigation into your activities is underway, or have already been accused of having committed fraud, that you contact a highly skilled legal advisor to advise and represent you at an early stage.

Alongside our substantive knowledge, the team at Bright Line Law are strategic thinkers. Our experience affords us an advantage in defending against allegations of fraud as a capable shield against unwarranted activity by prosecutors: we routinely challenge requests for Restraining Orders sought by prosecutors, often made in advance of formal charges being raised. At Bright Line Law, we understand the difficulties that can be caused by Restraining Orders for our clients’ professional and personal lives, and pride ourselves on being a pro-active legal team and preparing a robust response to such requests.

Contact Bright Line Law’s Fraud Lawyers in London

Bright Line Law is a barrister-led law firm, offering clients access to all of the knowledge associated with a traditional law firm, but coupled with unrivalled experience of advocacy in a highly specialised area of UK law. At Bright Line Law, we combine our wealth of experience and detailed knowledge of statute and case law to rigorously protect our client’s position: we understand that the mere implication of being involved in fraud can reap irrevocable damage on a business’ reputation and on one’s standing. It is our job to work with you, and take away the pressure of having to build a defence to fraud allegations. If you need to speak to a law firm with expertise in defending or responding to fraud allegations, contact us today.  

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