Financial Markets Offences

There has been a marked increase in the number of businesses facing investigation and sanction for financial crime. This is due in large part to the enhanced investigative and enforcement powers that they have been granted in recent years, and the heightened scrutiny of financial wrongdoing in the political sphere. Businesses alleged to have been involved in wrongdoing could find themselves the subject of a thorough investigation and a lengthy, potentially damaging prosecution. It is imperative that any suspected investigation or prosecution is entrusted to a team of specialist lawyers that understands what is at stake and can formulate a plan to respond appropriately while preserving the reputation and interests of corporate or individual clients.

Financial Crime Defence

Bright Line Law is based in the heart of London, one of the world’s financial hubs, and advises leading organisations and SMEs operating in the financial and business sphere on all kinds of financial wrongdoing and corporate investigations. Our service is tailor-made to each of our clients, taking into consideration their specific needs with a view to achieving the best outcome for them at every opportunity. If you need advice or assistance in responding to allegations of financial crime, our team may be able to assist you.

Working with a legal team that have insight

Financial crime legislation is rigorously enforced with both organisations and individuals expected to fully comply with the obligations imposed on them by regulators. This amounts to having to grapple with what can be an incredibly complex body of rules and procedures, violation of which led to the imposition of a set of sanctions which could have substantial implications.

Regulatory investigations

At Bright Line Law, our team can advise upon all stages of a regulatory investigation and can liaise with the financial regulators on your behalf. Of particular concern to many regulators are instances of insider dealing in financial services, as well as the making of misleading statements or employing the use of promotions of illegal financial products. Such behaviour can attract demands for disclosure of documentation and result in criminal proceedings.

Bright Line Law’s financial crime team are widely regarded for their experience of dealing with regulators. We are often instructed by both corporate and individual clients to manage their dealings with regulators, principally to undertake a review of their activities and to subject their demands for information or charges for criminal behaviour to a forensic and exacting defence. We make it a priority to keep matters out of the courtroom as much as possible, but are fully prepared to pursue litigation in court if the matter demands such a response.

Market abuse

The integrity of the financial system is of immense importance to the UK economy. Suspected instances or attempts to undermine the strength of financial markets, or to exploit weaknesses for profit are treated very seriously and could result in substantial fines being issued to commercial actors or even custodial sentences accompanied by an unlimited fine for individuals.

As some of the UK’s leading financial crime lawyers, the team at Bright Line Law have amassed considerable experience of advising both corporate and personal clients that are facing allegations of financial markets abuse. We conduct an rigorous review of the evidence against our clients and routinely challenge the basis upon which allegations are made, as well as disputing the severity of the conduct complained of. We also explore opportunities to minimise the potential sanction that could be issued against our client and will liaise with interested parties while keeping our clients fully appraised on the options available to them.

Tax evasion

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs takes a strong view against any attempt to evade taxes that are legally due, and employs a variety of tools to investigate any suspected illegal activity. These tools include detailed examination of tax affairs as well as searching, and potentially drawn out investigations which could lead to criminal liability.

Tax cases are immensely complex and should be entrusted to recognised specialist lawyers. At Bright Line Law, we hold an enviable reputation for our expertise in dealing with suspected tax offences. We have experience of representing clients before tax tribunals, and in exploring other opportunities to prevent a matter from reaching the public domain and causing unnecessary reputational damage.

How Bright Line Law can deal with allegations of financial crime

Financial crime laws are becoming ever more complex with an advancing reach in terms of the individuals and businesses that they apply to. The difficulty is in understanding exactly how they translate into daily activities, and what behaviour will or will not catch the attention of regulators and prosecutors for being illegal. When allegations of financial crime are made, this can have a dramatic impact on all concerned. It is important that the situation is considered carefully, and refereed to a team of lawyers that are recognised for their ability to handle such matters effectively.

Bright Line Law’s financial crime team is widely respected in both the legal profession and in industry more generally for their attentiveness to detail, and their appreciation of the reality that faces their clients, either with the prospect of regulatory involvement or criminal litigation. We use our insight and experience to carefully craft a thorough defence for our clients, having examined the totality of evidence and events surrounding an allegation and taking the time to help our clients understand what the options are and how we propose to handle the situation.

At Bright Line Law, we take pride in the personal approach we bring to our work. We act as the trusted advisor and representative to many influential individuals and organisations in the financial sphere, and enjoy a strong reputation for being acutely aware of their needs and being trusted to control the external impact. 

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