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We provide expert guidance to businesses on all aspects of import and export controls, and offer proactive advice to businesses or individuals who have been threatened with enforcement action or to those under criminal investigation for breaches of export or import controls.

Export Control of Strategic Goods

The Department of International Trade regulates the export and trade in certain strategic goods that have a potential military use. The Export Control Office (ECO) is the licensing authority for strategic exports in the UK.  They are responsible for the regulatory framework for licence applications for strategic exports. Strategic goods include both military goods and goods with “dual use”, i.e. civilian goods that can also have a military purpose.  Four factors determine whether a licence is required for certain goods; the nature of the goods; the destination of the goods; the end use of the goods; and whether trade activities of the goods to be exported are licensable. HM Revenue and Customs is responsible for enforcing export and trade controls and works with Border Force to investigate and enforce breaches; enforcement action can vary from severe fines, prison sentences, and the confiscation of income.

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