Corporate & International Fraud

Corporate fraud involves an act of deliberate dishonesty with the aim of intentionally misleading companies, investors or public bodies to result in the individual's financial gain or the another's loss. This could involve embezzlement, false accounting, insider trading, or money laundering.  Investigations into corporate fraud usually means involvement of the Financial Conduct Authority or Office of Fair Trading, or for the more complex cases with there is an appreciable risk to the public, the Serious Fraud Office.

False Accounting & False Invoicing

False accounting is the manipulation of financial data by a director or company employee for the purpose of concealing loss or other illicit activity. This can be by way of exaggerating share prices or the fabrication of profits. This could be for a variety of reasons including securing bonuses or dividends; in order to obtain a higher bank loan; to cover up for funds being removed, or to encourage new business. False invoicing is another type of corporate fraud, which occurs when false or overinflated invoices are made for legitimate or fictitious companies.

International Fraud

International fraud schemes are on the increase, from banking fraud to VAT scams such as Carousel fraud. International fraud is increasing at a ferocious rate, with schemes becoming increasingly more sophisticated.

Carousel Fraud

One example of growing international fraud is the surge in Carousel fraud schemes, where goods imported VAT-free from an EU country and on sold to individuals and/or companies with the VAT uplifted. The traders will disappear after the deal without paying the tax to the government.

As well as litigation and legal advice, we also lead, advise and are involved in investigations for fraud. We advise on internal investigations from the point a company becomes aware that a potential wrong has occurred, to investigations conducted by authorities such as the Financial Conduct Authority, the Serious Fraud Office, the Police and HMRC. We advise on all aspects of investigations from how to carefully respond and deal with requests for interview, the timing of any disclosure or reporting, the provision of statements to the authorities, as well as guidance on how to frame an internal investigation and what to focus on at an early stage. 

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