Accelerated Payments Notices

An Accelerated Payment Notice (APN) is a notice issued by HMRC to pay sums due in respect of tax or National Insurance Contributions. These notices are issued to persons who have received a Follower Notice in relation to an avoidance scheme, or those involved in avoidance schemes disclosed under the Disclosure of Tax Avoidance Schemes (DOTAS) rules, or under the General Anti-Abuse Rules. The APN notice ensures that disputed tax or National Insurance Contributions are submitted upfront, ahead of court case deciding on the permissibility of a tax scheme, thus removing the cash flow benefit from users of tax avoidance schemes over the majority of taxpayers who pay their contributions upfront. Penalties will incur if there is a failure to pay the accelerated payment within ninety days of the notice. There is no right of appeal against such a notice, however, you can send written representations within ninety days of receiving the notice to object, but only on the grounds that the conditions of the notice were not fulfilled.

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