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WCCC supports full review and creation of new corporate offence

The White Collar Crime Centre has published its response to the recent government Call for Evidence addressing corporate criminal liability in the UK. The response addresses the failings of the identification and supports the introduction of a new offence incorporating a strict liability mechanism with ‘failure to prevent’ as an
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Gross Human Rights Abuse and Asset Confiscation

The Criminal Finances Bill 2016 is set to be passed in Spring 2017.  Clause 12 proposes to expand the definition of “unlawful conduct” appearing in Part 5 of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 to include gross abuse of human rights.  Bright Line Law was instructed by the Magnitsky Justice
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Contracts procured by bribery: National Iranian Oil Company v Crescent Petroleum Company International, Crescent Gas Corporation Ltd [2016] EWHC 510 (Comm)

Speed Read: In October 2016, the High Court rejected an application to set aside an arbitration panels decision on the grounds of alleged bribery and corruption. Natasha Reurts discusses the High Court’s decision, the consequences for contracts procured through bribery or corruption and whether the decision would have been decided
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Jonathan Fisher QC quoted in Law Society Gazette on Thailand Corruption Probe

Jonathan Fisher QC has been quoted in a recent Law Society Gazette article entitled, ‘Thailand corruption probe: SFO keeps its own counsel’. The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) has kept tight-lipped over whether it is withholding information from Thailand about corruption allegations because of the country’s human rights record. Authorities in
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Natasha Reurts Comments on UWOs

The Criminal Finances Bill 2016 will see the introduction of the Unexplained Wealth Order framework, affecting foreign Politically Exposed Persons, criminal suspects and their associates. This piece canvasses the international experience of implementing, enforcing and utilising unexplained wealth laws with the aim of drawing out important loopholes to close and
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