White Collar Crime

White collar crime is high on the political agenda, and has been for quite some time. There has been a concerted effort on the part of regulators and prosecutions to fully investigate suspected instances of criminal activity in the commercial world, and to prosecute instances wherever there is evidence of criminal conduct.

The UK has one of the most wide-ranging legal regimes to combat white collar crime which incorporates a regulatory and criminal enforcement framework. White collar crimes can have a significant impact on economic activity, and has wider implications for the UK’s reputation as a global commercial centre. Bright Line Law has developed a leading practice to offer advice and assistance to clients facing criminal proceedings for involvement in white collar crime. We appreciate the reality of having to come to terms with such allegations, and are well placed to assist clients in mounting a strong rebuttal to accusations of criminal conduct or regulatory breach.

Seek expert advice in relation to white collar crime allegations

White collar crimes are essentially those that are tied to, amongst other things, dishonest activity or intentions.  At Bright Line Law, we host some of the leading defence lawyers practicing in the field who are on-hand and able to adapt quickly to what can be a very challenging environment.

  • Fraud

Any suspected attempt to defraud, or even a conspiracy to conduct fraud can attract a full investigation from prosecutors which will need to be carefully handled by experience defence lawyers, so to police the activities of investigators seeking an interview or attempting to search business premises. There also needs to be careful examination of the substance of allegations raised and the strength of underpinning evidence subjected to rigorous examination and testing.

Bright Line Law’s white collar crime team are a specialist team with skills honed over many years in reviewing prosecution evidence and in testing its strength. We also routinely advise clients summoned for interview and ensure that they are well prepared and guided through the process.

  • Money Laundering

Any attempt to convert the proceeds of criminal behaviour into legitimate assets, or any involvement in the process of conversion, will undoubtedly attract prosecutor’s and regulator’s attention. A successful prosecution can also result in severe court orders being issued that can seize important assets which could severely impact business or personal holdings, unless they are handled by specialist defence lawyers.

At Bright Line Law, we have experience of representing clients alleged to have committed money laundering offences and are highly familiar with the processes and tools used by prosecutors. We conduct a detailed examination of the evidence and routinely point out irregularities in the  case. Furthermore, we also utilise our strong relationship with financial experts to test the prosecution’s facts. Our team are also routinely involved in challenging orders sought from the court that could seize our client’s assets for what is believed to be the converted illegal monies.

  • Bribery

Suspected instances of bribery are dealt with as a matter of priority, with evidence of criminal behaviour being met by weighty sanctions. Allegations of bribery are completely reliant on the prosecution’s ability to present a convincing factual matrix which is reinforced by a consistent line of evidence. Allegations of bribery can have a monumental impact on individuals and their businesses, which could have long term implications. It is important that such allegations are treated seriously and passed to a defence team that knows how best to respond.

Bright Line Law’s white collar crime team are among some of the most respected solicitors and barristers in the UK, with a forensic knowledge of this highly technical area of the law. We conduct a thorough review of the case against our clients, and carefully consider how best to respond. Our approach is one that places prudence and careful analysis at its core, and we will consider all of the options available including those that could potentially allow for a prosecution to be abandoned. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our client’s security is preserved as much as possible. 

White collar crimes are among some of the most challenging to defend against, and warrant the attention of lawyers that understand a client’s point of view and keep this in mind when building a defence. The ramifications of a successful conviction are numerous and can have a profound impact on a business’ ability to continue to function or an individual’s reputation in their industry. All of this needs to be borne in mind, and a true expert in the field sought out who is capable of securing the best result for clients in the circumstances.

White collar crime is a highly-specialised area of UK law encompassing a range of complex pieces of legislation. It is important in the context of mounting a defence to a criminal prosecution that this is handled by technically proficient legal experts with a proven track record in mounting an aggressive defence to criminal charges. The consequences of a successful conviction are severe and could have profound implications for all involved. The gravity of the situation needs to be handled by experts that understand what is at stake.

Bright Line Law is a specialist London law firm offering advice and representation on all aspects of financial crime. We understand the gravity of the consequences facing individuals suspected of having committed white collar crime, and take pride in our being able to grasp complex issues quickly and provide clear direction to clients on how best to respond to allegations of criminality. Our team is made up of some of the leading lawyers in the field of white collar and business crime, led by a highly respected barrister who together provide a comprehensive defence to criminal charges. If you are concerned about being investigated or charged for white collar crime, or need to instruct an experienced legal team to help you, contact the white collar crime team at Bright Line Law today.