Analysis & Research

A comprehensive understanding of the legal and regulatory environment in which a company operates, or is planning to operate, significantly assists in the assessment of legal risk and governance processes which it is prudent for a company to adopt.

The White Collar Crime Centre is able to provide clients with high quality analysis and pragmatic recommendations for future action, using a combination of doctrinal, qualitative and quantitative methodologies, working with academic partners when necessary,

In this way, clients can minimise the risk of loss caused by inappropriate corporate behaviour where, for example, the conduct is tainted by bribery and corruption, breaching international economic sanctions or financial markets rules, money laundering, tax avoidance, evasion and corporate facilitation, or otherwise sits unhappily with the recognition of corporate human rights and notions of corporate social responsibility.

Additionally, The Centre’s research capability assists clients in promoting legislative initiatives and responding to proposals for law reform.

Drawing upon the extensive experience of Bright Line Law’s Lead Counsel Jonathan Fisher QC, an analytical approach coupled with a willingness to initiate innovative strategies, leaves The Centre and Bright Line Law well placed to satisfy client’s needs and expectations.