Jonathan Fisher (recommendations)


“Jonathan is very authoritative and knows everything about the law, which he applies in a practical way.” “He is really knowledgeable and helpful, and also hugely organised and very quick at dealing with things.” (POCA Work & Asset Forfeiture - All Circuits: Chambers UK 2019)

A real expert on money laundering matters” who “gives very good, very authoritative advice.” (Financial Crime - London: Chambers UK 2019)

“Very clear in his advice.” “Very thorough and thoughtful. His advice is first rate.” (Financial Crime - London: Chambers UK 2019)

Supremely knowledgeable. He puts everyone around him at ease and exudes calm.” “Immensely experienced. He gives thoughtful, effective advice." (Tax - London: Chambers UK 2019)


“He is an independent thinker, which is critical in this highly charged area.” (Proceeds of Crime Act and Asset Forfeiture: Legal 500 2018)

“He is a mine of information on his subject matter; one of the absolute leaders in this area.” (Business and Regulatory Crime (including global investigations): Legal 500 2018)

Responsive and brave in his advice on high stakes, potentially criminal advisory matters.” (Financial Services: Legal 500 2018)

A popular choice for the overlap between civil and criminal fraud.” (Fraud, Civil: Legal 500 2018)

The person you would want fighting for your corner if you were in a tight spot.” (Fraud, Crime: Legal 500 2018)

Supremely knowledgeable and speaks with great authority.” (Tax, Corporate and VAT: Legal 500 2018)

"He is one of the brightest financial crime lawyers in this country. He leaves no stone unturned, has a phenomenal brain and has done some really fantastic international work." (Chambers UK 2018, Financial Crime  - Band 1)

"Jonathan is an absolute leading authority on money laundering cases and is a mine of information. Yet at the same time he is very accessible, user-friendly and a pleasure to deal with." (Chambers UK 2018, Financial Crime  - Band 1)

"An authority on his subject, he speaks with great wisdom." (Chambers UK 2018, POCA Work & Asset Forfeiture - Band 1)

"He did a really good job for his client. He understood which buttons to press in court." (Chambers UK 2018, Financial Services)

"Your go-to man for anything tricky with tax investigations. An oasis of calm. He is very efficient and gets it done." "Highly experienced, approachable and diligent." (Chambers UK 2018, Tax)


"He gives consistently robust, practical and commercial advice." (Business and Regulatory Crime (including Global Investigations): Legal 500 2017)

"He has a gift for setting out a clear strategy in even the most complex case." (Financial Services: Legal 500 2017)

"The consummate modern Silk, he leads from the front and is hands-on." (Fraud - Civil: Legal 500 2017)

"The person clients want fighting their corner if they are in a tight spot." (Fraud - Crime: Legal 500 2017)

"He speaks with great authority and has encyclopaedic knowledge." (Proceeds of Crime Act and Asset Forfeiture: Legal 500 2017)

"Highly respected and highly effective; a sage of the tax Bar." (Tax - Corporate and VAT: Legal 500 2017)

"User- friendly, easy to work with, and a great team player. He wins plaudits for his technical knowledge and persistence when tackling high value accounting fraud and bribery cases" (Chambers UK 2017, Financial Crime)

“He is very dogged, incredibly knowledgeable, and someone with a good sense of humour” (Chambers UK 2017, Financial Crime)

"Exhibits a rare depth of knowledge and expertise in relation to money laundering matters, and his advice is both insightful and highly practical" (Chambers UK 2017, Financial Crime)

“Has a well-respected practice and frequently assists high-profile individuals, City firms and US firms with money laundering issues” (Chambers UK 2017, Proceeds of Crime)

"He's always very responsive, and he understands our business - he's a leader in this field but he is also down to earth and understands commercial concerns as well as the law" (Chambers UK 2017, Proceeds of Crime)

“Particularly valued for his advice on the criminal aspects of financial services, often providing support on matters of money laundering and economic sanctions. His strong enforcement credentials mean that he is often seen advising on multi-jurisdictional market abuse cases “(Chambers UK 2017, Financial Services)

“He's very knowledgeable in his areas of expertise and has strong opinions which are obviously well reasoned, well thought out and therefore reliable" (Chambers UK 2017, Financial Services)

“Specialises in representing individual and corporate taxpayers in HMRC investigations. Sources highlight his previous experience as standing counsel to the Inland Revenue as being particularly helpful” (Chambers UK 2017 , Tax) 

"He knows how the Revenue ticks, and is very approachable and very good with clients” (Chambers UK 2017, Tax)


"He does a lot of work in this area and has a good hybrid criminal practice" (Banking and Finance: Legal 500 2016)

"He has a wide and impressive knowledge of money laundering in particular" (Business and Regulatory Crime: Legal 500 2016)

"He has a gift for setting out a clear strategy for even the most complex cases" (Fraud (civil): Legal 500 2016)

"He gives considered and impartial advice in the toughest of situations" (Fraud (crime): Legal 500 2016)

"He is hugely experienced and can explain the inner workings of HMRC" (Tax: Legal 500 2016)

"A very effective advocate, both in terms of oral submission and written advice. Has the ability to distil the relevant points and focus on what matters. In a game of chess, he would be five steps ahead" (Chambers UK 2016)

"He is a true expert in his field and somebody who is a pleasure to deal with. He is well able to communicate with both lawyers and clients, and makes points which are relevant and straightforward" (Chambers UK 2016)

"He shows great flair when it comes to HMRC investigations. He has so much litigation experience and is great at questioning clients who are alleged to have committed fraud" (Chambers UK 2016)

"He is very thorough and able to explain things in a simplified form" (Chambers UK 2016)

"His advice is insightful and highly practical" (Chambers UK 2016)


“He is very knowledgeable, gets straight to the point and commands huge respect” (Legal 500 2015)

“A rare breed who is well able to deal with hybrid financial, banking, criminal and regulatory law” (Legal 500 2015)

Cerebral, knowledgeable and authoritative” (Legal 500 2015)

“Noted expert in the field” (Legal 500 2015)

“He has successfully carved out a niche in the field of HMRC powers” (Legal 500 2015)

"Very knowledgeable and very responsive to queries, and provides good strategic advice" (Chambers UK 2015)

"Academically very highly regarded and respected by all jurisdictions, including appellate courts" (Chambers UK 2015)

"He is cerebral, thorough and very industrious" (Chambers UK 2015)

"He really knows his stuff and he's completely immersed in the financial services world" (Chambers UK 2015)

"(Jonathan has) a strong focus on the overlap of civil and criminal law" (Chambers UK 2015)

"An established expert in tax investigations concerning avoidance and fraud" (Chambers UK 2015)


"Responsive, very sharp, and clear; also highly recommended for financial crime" (Legal 500 2014)

"Cerebral, knowledgeable and authoritative" (Legal 500 2014)

"A standout barrister, who is extremely knowledgeable" (Legal 500 2014)

"Go-to silk on avoidance and fraud matters; he knows how the HMRC and CPS’s minds work" (Legal 500 2014)

"a go-to silk for cases involving tax and money laundering" (Chambers UK 2014)

"regularly called upon to advise on white-collar issues" (Chambers UK 2014)

"A very thorough and careful adviser" (Chambers UK 2014)

"He gets to grips with issues quickly and feeds back to clients in language they understand" (Chambers UK 2014)

"Handles high-profile money laundering and confiscation cases, and has the added benefit of tax and trusts law expertise" (Chambers UK 2014)

"An excellent lawyer with a fine grasp of complex issues" (Chambers UK 2014)

"He's very good on the technical legal aspects, but doesn't deal in airy fairy theory. Instead he gets to the nitty gritty and understands the practicalities of a case" (Chambers UK, 2014)

"He is calm, sure, and deadly at spotting the weaknesses of the opponent's case" (Chambers UK 2014)


"an extremely experienced leader who is very easy to work with and who is very used to working across the criminal and civil sphere. He has great experience of money laundering and sanctions cases” (Chambers UK 2013)

“academically very bright and knows exactly what he's doing ... he has extensive knowledge of white-collar crime, and is a savvy choice for any complex POCA work” (Chambers UK 2013)

“an engaging, client-friendly barrister who brings great commercial acumen to his cases. An expert on tax-related fraud, he is a veteran of many cases concerning investigations by HMRC” (Chambers UK 2013)

“very quick to absorb complex detail” (Legal 500 2013)


high-flying” (Legal 500 2012)

“Sources praise him for his gravitas and his "very good, clear advice" (Chambers UK 2012)

“an experienced and active silk with a diplomatic and thoughtful style” (Chambers UK 2012)


“has produced some stunning work over the past year ... A highly intelligent silk... a favourite of London’s top law firms” (Chambers UK 2011)

“has great gravitas when appearing in high-value cases where the stakes are high. His combination of tactical nous and robust negotiation skills makes him a favourite silk for substantial civil recovery and confiscation proceedings” (Chambers UK 2011)


“financial crime and revenue expert Jonathan Fisher QC is learned and astute” (Legal 500 2010)

“brilliant at money laundering and confiscation matters" (Chambers UK 2010)

"regularly appearing in an advisory capacity in matters pertaining to financial sanctions" (Chambers UK 2010)


"highly respected for his advisory work on money laundering, proceeds of crime, VAT fraud and taxation matters” (Chambers UK 2009)

"a veteran of numerous money laundering cases" (Chambers UK 2009)

"something of an expert in confiscation and the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002" (Chambers UK 2009)


"extremely thoughtful and considered in the run-up to court but once in the heat of battle pulls no punches" (Chambers UK 2008)

"meticulous in preparation, extremely responsive and hard-working - judges defer to his knowledge" (Legal 500 2008)

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