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Property Week, HMRC crackdown: are agents doing enough to stop money laundering?

Jonathan Fisher QC was recently quoted in an article that was published in the Property Week. The article was entitled, ‘HMRC crackdown: are agents doing enough to stop money laundering?’ and referred to the channel 4 documentary, ‘With Russia from Cash’ that Jonathan featured in.

Jonathan commented on his appearance in the programme saying,

‘The documentary put the fear of God into some agents. It had a much bigger effect than I anticipated. There I was saying ‘this is shocking’ and next thing I’ve got a trail of estate agents saying ‘please come and help’.’

Jonathan went on to say,

‘There is plainly a tension there between the commercial reality of what the estate agent is contractually obliged to do, and what the law is imposing on him,” he explains. “The circumstances vary so widely, in terms of what type of property, what’s being said to the agent, and what sort of information they can get. I don’t think it has been worked out in sufficient detail.”

You can view the full PDF of the article here. 

Jonathan can also be contacted to discuss any of the issues raised in the article at

Jonathan Fisher QC is ranked in Band 1 as one of the UK’s leading barristers in the areas of financial crime and proceeds of crime, and is noted by the Legal Directories as having great experience in cases involving money laundering. 
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