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Jonathan Fisher QC quoted in Private Eye article regarding HSBC Swiss Tax Allegations

Jonathan Fisher QC has been quoted in a recent article published in the Private Eye entitled, ‘HSBC’s Horror Show’.

The article explores whether not just clients but bank executives or HSBC itself can be prosecuted for tax, money laundering or any other criminal offences. Some legal experts doubt whether either HSBC or its senior directors, never mind the HSBC or it senior directors, can be successfully prosecuted here, despite the clamour to do so and claims that prosecution is possible on the basis of “credible evidence” of enabling tax evasion.

Mr Fisher was quoted in this article saying,

“You have to show that directors knew. What managers lower down know is not enough; the directors have to be personally engaged. The larger the company, the more difficult it is to show the people at the top were criminally involved. You need to be able to tell a story, otherwise it is pretty hopeless”.

Read the full PDF version of the article here.

Jonathan Fisher QC is ranked as one of the UK’s leading barristers in the areas of tax disputes, banking and financial services including economic sanctions, financial crime and fraud. Jonathan can be contacted to discuss any of the issues raised in the article at

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