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Jonathan Fisher QC and Bright Line Law announced in ‘The Times’ and ‘The Lawyer’

The announcement of Bright Line Law has been revealed online today by various websites including The Times and The Lawyer.

An excerpt from The Times reads, “A leading white-collar crime silk is the latest lawyer to embrace the Bar's liberalised structure by launching a "barrister-led" law firm, it was announced today.

Bright Line Law, which is based in London and Manchester, is the brainchild of Jonathan Fisher, QC, who formerly practised at Devereux Chambers. It is the 54th non-traditional "entity" to be authorised by the Bar Standards Board since the regulator reformed its rules last year.

Fisher will continue to operate from a traditional set as well, as he joins Red Lion Chambers in London as an associate tenant. He told The Brief: "I am not turning my back on the Bar or saying it is the end of the Bar. But things are changing and people are setting up in new ways."

The Lawyer quotes,

“Fisher is the 54th Barrister to register as an entity following their introduction by the BSB in April 2015. He is only the seventh QC to register such a business, which allows for the creation of advocacy and advisory focused partnerships between Barristers and Solicitors.

There has been an explosion in white-collar crime work recently, particularly among the large commercial firms and chambers.

Jonathan Fisher QC was quoted in the article to say,

“The attraction for me is that being a corporate entity gives you enormous flexibility,” Fisher said. “It gives me the route of employing other barristers or bringing others in as directors or shareholders, I could also go into a joint venture with firms of solicitors. I also have the ability to instruct other counsel and can outsource much more easily.”

Fisher said he was “not trying to compete with Solicitors’ firms”, and although he had noticed there is an increasing number of approaches from members of the public, business directors and accountants, “the vast majority of my work still comes from solicitors”.

Find out more details about what Bright Line Law is here.

Jonathan can be contacted to discuss any of the issues raised in the report at
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