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Jonathan Fisher QC features on Prime Time – The Loot & The Loans

A Special Report from RTÉ's Investigations Unit on PrimeTime was shown on Thursday 5th February at 9.35pm on RTÉ One in Ireland.

Throughout Ireland, customers of one subprime mortgage company are in a fight to stay in their homes. For years, the Home Funding Corporation Ltd targeted rural Ireland with quick loans at very high interest rates, mainly to cash strapped farmers. The RTÉ Investigations Unit revealed how the money behind those mortgages were the proceeds of one of Britain’s largest ever tax frauds and part of a complex web that availed of legal loop holes and lax regulation here to launder the proceeds.

The report revealed how the man who set up the money laundering operation still stands to benefit from the repossession of Irish homes.

Jonathan Fisher QC commented on the case,

‘We need to look at some serious reforms of the confiscation system because laudable as it is, it is not working, it is absolutely clear that it is not working. One understands the frustration of victims, but as the system is configured at the moment, it is difficult for the authorities sometimes where they are faced with criminals who are quite determined not to pay a penny back.’

Jonathan is a leading barrister in the UK specialising in fields of practice such as corporate crime, financial services, fraud, proceeds of crime and tax disputes. He further commented,

‘The receivers’ primary responsibility is to maximise the available amount. So, to make sure that the receiver gets the largest amount of money they can’.

The full episode of ‘The Loot & The Loans’ shown onPrime Time can be seen here.

Jonathan can be contacted to discuss any of the issues raised in the article at

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