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Bringing responsibility home: what next for parent company liability?

 Bringing responsibility home: what next for parent company liability? Speed read: The Supreme Court’s jurisdictional judgment in Lungowe v Vedanta holds that parent company liability is an unremarkable proposition in theory. Establishing it in practice, however, is a fact-specific exercise. The court rejected the companies’ multi-faceted challenges to the...
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Corporate directing mind and will in civil cases

Speed read: Attributing liability to a company continues to be fraught with difficulty, in both civil and criminal cases. Historically, the courts adopted a more flexible approach in civil cases, and there is room for further development. This article discusses the position, noting that on one recent occasion a court...
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Sanctions and/or civil recovery for gross human rights violations

Speed read: Two recent pieces of UK legislation provide powers to be used against the perpetrators of gross human rights violations and their accomplices. The first piece of legislation amended the civil recovery powers under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, pursuant to which enforcement authorities can recover unlawfully...
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Parent Company Liability: Where Are We Headed?

Speed Read:  On 15-16 January 2019, the Supreme Court will hear an appeal on the civil liability of a UK-domiciled parent company towards persons affected by the operations of its overseas subsidiary. The appeal in Lungowe and others v (1) Vedanta Resources Plc; and (2) Konkola Copper Mines Plc...
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