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Anita Clifford quoted on UK Law Commission Proposal for SAR Overhaul

On 20 July 2018, the UK Law Commission published its review of the UK’s anti-money laundering Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) regime. The review highlights areas of weakness with the regime, including the generation of low-quality SARs, and proposes a number of reforms. In a piece published in on 24 July 2018, Anita Clifford was asked for her view on one of the proposals, namely a shift away from the ‘all crimes’ approach to money laundering in favour of a ‘serious offences’ approach. Currently, the offences of money laundering capture dealing with proceeds derived from all criminal activity, including minor offences. Anita noted the following: “The all-crimes approach creates an enormous amount of work. If the objective is to have high-quality SARs and a focus on serious money laundering activity it’s a good thing to shift away from considering absolutely every offence.”

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