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Anita Clifford quoted on EU-wide money laundering deal

Last week, the European Parliament, Commission and Council agreed on EU-wide proposals designed to ensure greater consistency in anti-money laundering legislation. The deal focuses on minimum criminal penalties for money laundering throughout the EU and a common set of 22 predicate offences to money laundering.

On 8 June 2018, Anita Clifford, Senior Associate and Pupil Barrister at Bright Line Law, spoke about the deal to In ‘EU Officials Pitch Plan for Consistent National Money Laundering Laws’, Anita was quoted on the proposed new range of penalties for corporate money launderers. The deal would allow EU nations to place a corporate involved in money laundering on judicial supervision, ban them from public tenders for a period and even force them into liquidation. “The conventional approach has been to issue a fine,” said Anita, “but this suggests that one day corporates…could well find themselves facing penalties which seem far wider than what’s currently on offer.”

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