Tax Investigations

As part of his work, Jonathan has gained considerable experience in conducting investigations into suspicions of wrongdoing within the corporate environment.

Conducting an investigation requires a broad set of skills. The credibility of an investigation depends upon its independence, with difficult enquiries handled empathetically in cases where there are close connections between the investigator and those whose conduct is the subject of the investigation. Complicated issues of employment law can also arise.

A leading barrister such as Jonathan is well placed to interview witnesses and review documents and email correspondence, whilst preserving the integrity of the documents in case of legal action at a later stage. Expert legal knowledge is also required, to ensure that there are no infringements of privacy rights and the obtaining of information in a lawful manner.

Jonathan’s first experience of conducting an investigation occurred in the early 1990s when he was instructed by the Serious Fraud Office to work alongside a forensic accountant and report on whether a group of investment advisers had been acting dishonestly when promoting high return investments in gilt-edged securities in circumstances where the investment manager had been perpetrating a Ponzi fraud.

Subsequent investigations have involved issues as diverse as bribery and corruption, breach of economic sanctions, tax fraud and breaches of data protection laws.