Bright Line Law has a demonstrated focus on clients in Dubai. Bright Line Law’s barristers are able to provide litigation, advisory and strategy services in our specialist practice areas to clients in Dubai. Several barristers have direct experience of litigating in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Court and are registered DIFC practitioners. They may be instructed to act as counsel as well as co-counsel with international and local firms in proceedings in the DIFC.

Much of the work of Bright Line Law has an international dimension. Specialist expertise is available in cases where there is any question of civil or criminal fraud, money laundering or failure discharge professional duties. Bright Line Law also advises on international mutual assistance, the application of English law and matters in the United Kingdom could impact proceedings or business in Dubai.

Bright Line Law is able to work with international and local law firms, individuals, family offices, corporations, regulators and professional lay clients.

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The following barristers are experienced in working in the DIFC: