Economic Sanctions

Since 2016, Bright Line Law’s recent cases in the area of economic sanctions have included

Syrian sanctions regime

1. Instruction by an international firm to advise on the operation of the Syrian sanctions regime. The underlying client operated in the oil and gas industry and advice was sought in connection with a proposed investment. Drawing on his experience in advising on Syrian sanctions, Jonathan Fisher QC was able to advise on the precise breadth of the sanctions regime and, in these circumstances, the proposed investment was able to proceed.

Iranian sanctions regime

2. An instruction by a member of the public on a public access case to appeal a civil forfeiture of assets order. The appeal is pending and relates to an early allegation of breach of the Iranian sanctions regime, requiring thorough understanding of the recent substantial changes to Iranian sanctions.

Libyan sanctions

3. Jonathan Fisher QC has advised in detail on the application of the Libyan sanctions regime and the ability of a business to obtain a license from HM Treasury to proceed with a proposed transaction.

Law firms and economic sanctions

4. Jonathan Fisher QC frequently advises regulated firms, such as law firms, on dealings with Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and persons designated on economic sanctions lists. He has advised and acted for firms in relation to the obtaining of licenses from HM Treasury to enable the firm to deal with the funds of sanctioned individuals and corporate clients.

Bright Line Law has a demonstrated understanding of the sanctions regimes operating in the UK, US, EU and at the UN level. Its barristers have first-hand experience of advising and acting in relation to Russian, Iranian, Libyan, Syrian, Congolese and Zimbabwean sanctions.

It can advise and act for individuals and corporates doing or wishing to do business with a high risk country and wanting to obtain a license. Its barristers can also advise and act in relation to challenging a designation on a sanctions list.

Bright Line Law’s expertise in the area of economic sanctions is further demonstrated by:

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