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A round up of the Latest News posts by Jonathan Fisher QC

Here is a collection of the latest news posts by Jonathan Fisher QC in case you missed them.

Jonathan Fisher QC comments on Cherie Blair’s law firm and HSBC money laundering allegations

In a recent article by the Daily Mail, MPs have reportedly demanded a formal investigation into Cherie Blair after alleged corrupt payments from the repressive Maldives government. There have also been calls for an inquiry into HSBC’s role in the matter.
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LSE Law Public Debate

Are corporations and financial markets sufficiently regulated? Is it even possible to regulate them by law? What protection does the law offer to the worse-off and especially those who financially depend on creditors? What role can the criminal law play in hindering aggressive corporate conduct especially in conditions of globalisation?

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Jonathan Fisher QC writes article in the Times – The Brief, ‘Criminal law needed to force banks to behave’

Jonathan Fisher QC has recently written an article in the Times entitled, ‘Criminal law needed to force banks to behave’. The article discusses how some of the UK's leading banks have over the years been prepared to ignore the risk of facilitating financial crime, motivated by unadulterated corporate greed.

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Jonathan Fisher QC gives evidence to Home Affairs Committee on Tuesday 8th March 2016

The Home Affairs Committee has been conducting an inquiry into how effectively the measures introduced in the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, to deprive criminals of any benefit from their crimes, are working. In particular, the inquiry will assess the operation of confiscation orders, which are the main mechanism through which this policy is implemented.

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Jonathan Fisher QC writes article in the Times, 'A...
Jonathan Fisher QC’s transcript of oral evidence t...
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