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At the end of each month the BLL Bulletin presents a round-up of BLL news in the areas of bribery & corruption, fraud, money laundering and proceeds of crime. To opt-in for the BLL Bulletin, enter your details and email to the side.

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This portal provides busy practitioners with short commentaries on significant developments in the field of white collar crime. The commentaries are franked by their topicality and practical insight, with an emphasis on implications not always visible at first glance.

Money Laundering: Retrospective Application

Speed Read: Can you commit a money laundering offence if the predicate offence was not criminal at the time of its commission? In this case note, Natasha Reurts provides an overview of a recent decision of the High Court of Karnataka dealing with the retrospective application of the Indian...
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Bribery & Corruption, DPA’s and Modern Slavery – Spotlight on Australia

Speed Read: In this second awareness update, Natasha Reurts canvasses the law reform proposals currently under consultation in Australia concerning bribery and corruption, Deferred Prosecution Agreements and an Australian Modern Slavery Act. In the first of this two part awareness update, the money laundering reforms recently put forward by...
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Diverging Opinions on Double Jeopardy in the ECJ and the ECtHR

Speed read: Anita Clifford analyses two Opinions delivered by the Advocate General of the European Court of Justice on 12 September 2017 on double jeopardy arising in the context of financial wrongdoing. The Opinions call for a rejection of a recent decision of the European Court of Human Rights...
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Money Laundering Shake-up - Spotlight on Australia

Speed Read: The first of two part awareness update outlining financial crime law reform in Australia. Following the news of Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s money laundering scandal, Natasha Reurts provides an overview of the money laundering regulatory shake-ups currently underway in Australia. In March 2017, the highest ever civil...
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Double Jeopardy and Concurrent Proceedings for Financial Wrongdoing

Speed read: Anita Clifford considers the issue of double jeopardy in the context of financial wrongdoing attracting both a regulatory and criminal response. The discussion is situated in the context of the European Central Bank’s power to impose administrative penalties and refer matters for criminal investigation, and follows a...
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