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This portal provides busy practitioners with short commentaries on significant developments in the field of white collar crime. The commentaries are franked by their topicality and practical insight, with an emphasis on implications not always visible at first glance.

Legal Privilege, Reporting Suspicions, and Retainer Letters

Speed read : In this piece, Jonathan Fisher QC discusses the engagement between legal professional privilege and the obligation to report suspicious conduct under Part 7 of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. He suggests that greater attention should be paid to the wording of the client retainer letter....
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UWOs and the steady expansion of extra-territorial jurisdiction over financial crime

Speed Read: Vanessa Reid examines the ever-expanding jurisdiction of UK criminal courts over extra-territorial conduct, persons, and property. As has been widely noted, the newly enforceable Unexplained Wealth Orders (UWOs)—created by the Criminal Finances Act 2017—have an aggressively extra-territorial reach. They apply to persons and property located anywhere in...
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Probing Dirty Money: Treasury Committee announces AML and Economic Crime Inquiry

Speed read: Anita Clifford puts in to context the Anti Money Laundering and sanctions inquiry announced by the Treasury Committee, a lower house parliamentary committee, on 29 March 2018.  Today (29 March 2018), the Treasury Committee announced a full-scale inquiry into the money laundering regime and the impact of...
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Confiscation and money laundering: a system in need of repair

Speed Read: Jonathan Fisher QC comments on the deficiencies of the existing confiscation and money laundering regime and the work of the Law Commission in reforming these areas. Technical issues concerning the application of the criminal confiscation regime in Part 2 of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (“POCA”)...
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UWOs: Extra-Territoriality and Implications for the Regulated Sector

Speed read:  Anita Clifford discusses UWOs, concentrating on their ability to capture people and property located anywhere and their potential impact on the regulated sector. Unexplained Wealth Orders are now part of the United Kingdom’s weaponry against suspicious property. Since 31 January 2018, enforcement authorities can obtain a High...
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