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At the end of each month the BLL Bulletin presents a round-up of BLL news in the areas of bribery & corruption, fraud, money laundering and proceeds of crime. To opt-in for the BLL Bulletin, enter your details and email to the side.

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This portal provides busy practitioners with short commentaries on significant developments in the field of white collar crime. The commentaries are franked by their topicality and practical insight, with an emphasis on implications not always visible at first glance.


criminal liabilityOur portal editor, Jonathan Fisher QC, explores the ramifications of section 46 of the Serious Crime Act 2007 in a corporate bribery or  tax evasion case following two recent Court of Appeal decisions.

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when criminal“Benefit from criminal conduct” and “criminal property” are distinct concepts under Part 7 of the Proceeds of Crime 2002 (POCA) and they are not co-extensive. The fact that “criminal property” is wider than “benefit from criminal conduct” has significant implications in commercial cases where “consent to proceed” is required.

Our portal editor, Jonathan Fisher QC, revisits the application of the money laundering legislation in tax cases following a recent decision in the Court of Appeal.

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Welcome to White Collar Crime Portal

white-collar-crime-portalWelcome to White Collar Crime Portal.

The purpose of this portal is four-fold:
  • to provide a platform for law and accountancy practitioners to share thoughts on significant developments in the field of white collar crime;
  • to provide practitioners with easy access to web-based materials which are publicly available;
  • to collate links to publishers, CPD service providers and job opportunities;
  • to encourage interest amongst students in the subject of white collar crime.
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