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bright line law

What is Bright Line Law?

Bright Line Law is a barrister law firm which provides specialist advisory, advocacy, litigation, policy and strategic services in white collar crime cases.

Bright Line Law is an innovative model. It was established by Jonathan Fisher QC and is one of a small number of barrister firms to provide legal services through a corporate entity which is authorised by the Bar Standards Board. These services include Public Access and the right to conduct litigation.

Bright Line Law undertakes work on the Standard Contractual Terms for the Supply of Legal Services by Barristers to Authorised Persons 2012 which are available here.

What are Bright Line Law's core values?

There are six.

  • Barrister accessibility
  • A commitment to client service and successful outcome
  • Delivering specialist knowledge and strategic thought
  • A reverence for excellence
  • Abandonment of outmoded business practices
  • A commitment to corporate social responsibility.

What is the "bright line"?

Bright Line Law takes its name from the “bright line” rule - a simple objective standard, based on the principles of thorough examination and integrity, which is applied in every case to resolve ambiguities.

Bright Line Law works to ensure that its clients stay on the right side of the bright line. Where clients have unwittingly strayed across the line, Bright Line Law is able to support clients through a difficult time with its specialist advisory, advocacy and litigation services.

Why was Bright Line Law established?

Bright Line Law was established to enable clients to access specialist barrister services in a contemporary and commercially sensitive environment.

The Bright Line Law approach is modern and agile. As a barrister law firm, Bright Line Law combines the delivery of traditional legal activities such as representing clients in court and giving “case specific” advice (known as “reserved activities” under the Legal Services Act 2007) with the provision of consultancy services on broader issues involving corporate governance, policy, strategy, and training. Jonathan Fisher QC oversees Bright Line Law’s work.

What is The White Collar Crime Centre?

The White Collar Crime Centre has been established by Bright Line Law to contribute to contemporary discussion in the development of white collar crime policy. Jonathan Fisher QC’s academic work has focused on the growing engagement between criminal law and corporate misconduct. The Centre provides research, policy and strategy briefings on emerging issues, policy and legislation affecting corporate crime in the United Kingdom and globally.

The Centre welcomes collaboration with academics, researchers and legal practitioners from the public and private sector who are interested in its work. More about the Centre can be found here.

What is Bright Line Law's commitment to corporate social responsibility?

The practice of law is a vocation and lawyers are important stakeholders in the development of society's welfare and health.

To this end, Bright Line Law has established The White Collar Crime Centre to promote research into corporate wrongdoing, produce policy and strategic briefings, and provide consultancy and training services at the highest level.

The Centre is non-partisan and independent of government and external funding.

Who regulates Bright Line Law?

Bright Line Law is authorised and regulated by the Bar Standards Board.

As part of this regulation, all barristers are registered on the BSB’s Barristers’ Register. This page also contains the BSB's Entities' Register, which lists Bright Line Law as an authorised entity: https://www.barstandardsboard.org.uk/regulatory-requirements/the-barristers'-register/

Is Bright Line Law covered by professional indemnity insurance?

Bright Line Law is covered by professional indemnity insurance provided by Bar Mutual.


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