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Purpose of BLL Portal

The purpose of this portal is to provide a platform for law and accountancy practitioners to share thoughts on significant developments in the field of white collar crime.

BLL portal focuses on the dissemination of knowledge and succinct commentary, written by specialist practitioners for specialist practitioners. The commentaries are franked by their topicality and practical insight, with an emphasis on implications not always visible at first glance.

White collar crime crosses international boundaries and BLL Portal includes commentary on significant developments in overseas jurisdictions as well as the UK.

BLL portal welcomes contributions from practitioners working in the UK as well as abroad. 

Each commentary will be visible on BLL Portal  with a link to the contributor’s biographical and contact details. You can follow BLL Portal to be updated as soon as a new blog is posted.

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The BLL portal has a dedicated Facebook “fan page”. If you become a fan, you will receive notification on your Facebook news feed when a new commentary is added to BLL Portal.

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The BLL portal also has a Twitter feed. When a new commentary is added to BLL Portal, BLL Portal will send you a tweet.

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BLL portal is formatted for certain models of mobile telephone, such as iPhones and BlackBerrys. If you access BLL Portal’s web address, you will find a specially formatted version of the site.

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