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Jonathan Fisher QC quoted in The Telegraph

Financial institutions are increasing looking to artificial intelligence to detect potential crime before it takes place in the UK. In an article published on 23 November in The Telegraph, Jonathan Fisher QC commented on the volume of tainted money flowing in to the United Kingdom and the technology solutions...
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Money Laundering Regulations 2017: Use of Software Systems and Technology

On 11 October 2017, Jonathan Fisher QC delivered a presentation at the BAE Business Defence Forum: The Financial Crime Front Line. Jonathan addressed the topic of recent developments and interesting cases in anti-money laundering and provided an overview of legislative updates. Natasha Reurts draws out the aspects of the presentation...
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Anita Clifford queries sanctions proposal in

On 17 November 2017 Anita Clifford featured in, commenting on the proposal in the Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Bill for persons to be designated on a sanctions list by description rather than solely by name. Anita drew attention to concerns raised by the House of Lords in its...
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Where are we now? Money Laundering Regulations 2017 Guidance and the UK’s new National Risk Assessment

With the Criminal Finances Act 2017 and the Money Laundering Regulations 2017 having come into force in April and June 2017 respectively, Natasha Reurts assesses the developments and distils the key points arising from the UK’s second comprehensive National Risk Assessment and recent draft guidance on the Regulations which...
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Challenges Associated with Private Entities Investigating Money Laundering: Information Sharing

In this second awareness update, Anita Clifford considers the challenges that could arise as private entities are drawn further into the investigation of money laundering through the new information sharing network. Read the full BLL post here. 
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